Key Features When Choosing a Care Centre

In this section you will find key features to consider when you are choosing a care centre. It is recommended to choose a care centre that can accommodate your care and lifestyle requirements.

Visiting a Care Centre

Although there may be pressure to choose a care centre quickly, you are strongly urged to take a tour of the centres you are considering before making your final selection. During your visit, try to speak to anyone and everyone who can give you information; family members, residents, nurses, in order to develop as full a picture as possible of the day-to-day operation of the facility. All the staff at Forest Care Centres will be more than willing to help and give you the advice and information you need. It may be useful to focus on the following aspects of a care centre when you visit.

Medical Services

Are residents assigned a GP upon admission to the centre? What is the procedure if the resident wishes to choose his or her own GP? To which hospitals are residents transferred in case of emergency?


How many nurses are on the staff? Is the ratio according to the minimun registration requirements? Ask to see the staffing list. Is there on-going training for the staff, both unqualified care staff and qualified? Are there certificates displayed on the walls. Is there a uniform and are the staff smart and friendly?

Recreational Activities

Are residents engaged in activities and sitting around in groups chatting during your visit? Can they get out into the community for shopping and other activities? Is there a relatives/residents’ committee and how often do they meet? Is there a forum to discuss any problems, and social events? Are family members welcome at meetings? Are there any activities for the less able residents?

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