Resident Rights

At Forest Healthcare residents’ rights are at the forefront of our philosophy of care. We seek to advance these rights in all aspects of the environment and the services we provide and to encourage our residents to exercise their rights to the full.

Core values of care

  • Privacy
  • Dignity
  • Rights
  • Independence
  • Choice
  • Fulfilment
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Equality


We recognise that life in a communal setting and the need to accept help with personal tasks are inherently invasive of a resident’s ability to enjoy the pleasure of being alone and undisturbed. We therefore strive to retain as much privacy as possible for our service users in the following ways:

  • Giving help in intimate situations as discreetly as possible
  • Assisting residents to furnish and equip their rooms in their own style and to use them as much as they wish for leisure, meals and entertaining
  • Offer a range of locations around the centre for residents to be alone or with significant others
  • Providing locks on residents’ storage space, bedrooms and other rooms in which residents need at times to be uninterrupted
  • Guaranteeing residents’ privacy when using the telephone, opening and reading post and communicating with friends, relatives and advisers
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of information the centre holds about residents.


We are aware that our service users have given up a great deal of independence in entering a group living situation. We regard it important to foster our service users’ remaining opportunities to think and act without reference to another person in the following ways:

  • Provide as tactfully as possible human or technical assistance when it is needed
  • Maximising the abilities of our residents to retain the ability for self-care, for independent interaction with others, and for carrying out any task of daily living unaided
  • Helping residents take reasonable and fully thought-out risks
  • Prompting possibilities for the residents to retain contacts beyond the care centre
  • Using any form of restraint on residents only in situations of urgency when it is essential for their own safety or the safety of others
  • Encouraging residents to have access to and contribute to their own care planning.


We aim to provide an environment and structure of support, which responds to the need for security in the following ways:

  • Offering assistance with tasks and in situations that would otherwise be perilous for residents
  • Protecting residents from all forms of abuse and from possible abusers
  • Providing readily accessible channels for dealing with complaints by residents
  • Creating an atmosphere in the care centre which residents experience as honest, open, positive and inclusive.

Civil rights

Having disabilities and residing in a care centre can influence a service user’s ability to exercise their rights as citizens. We therefore work to maintain our service users’ place in society as fully participating and benefiting citizens in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that residents have the opportunity to vote in elections and to brief themselves fully on the democratic options
  • Preserving residents’ full and equal access to all elements of the National Health Service
  • Assisting residents to claim all appropriate welfare benefits and social services
  • Assisting residents’ access to public services such as libraries, further education and lifelong learning
  • Facilitating residents in contributing and helping each other within the care centre.


We aim to help service users exercise the opportunity to select from a range of options in all aspects of their lives in the following ways:

  • Providing meals which enable residents as far as possible to decide for themselves where, when and with whom they eat
  • Offering residents a wide range of activities from which to choose
  • Enabling residents to manage their own time and not to be dictated to by set communal timetables
  • Avoid, wherever possible, treating residents as a homogenous group
  • Respecting individual, unusual or eccentric behaviour in residents
  • Retaining maximum flexibility in the routines of the daily life of the care centre.


We want to help our service users to realise personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives. We seek to assist this in the following ways:

  • Informing ourselves fully of each resident’s wishes about their individual past histories and characteristics
  • Providing a range of leisure and recreational activities to suit the abilities of all residents, and to stimulate participation
  • Responding appropriately to the personal, intellectual, artistic and spiritual values and practices of every resident
  • Respecting residents’ religious, ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Assisting residents to maintain existing contacts and to make new liaisons, friendships, personal and intimate relationship as they wish
  • Attempting always to listen and attend promptly to residents’ wishes to communicate at any level.

Quality of care

  • We wish to provide the highest quality care and to do this, we give priority to a number of areas relating to the operation of the care centre and the service we provide.

Choice of care centre

We recognise that every prospective resident should have the opportunity to choose a care centre which suits their needs and abilities. To facilitate that choice, and to ensure that our residents know precisely what services we offer, we will do the following:

  • Give each resident a Contract or a Statement of Terms and Conditions specifying the details of the relationship
  • Ensure that every prospective resident has their needs expertly assessed before a decision on admission is taken
  • Demonstrate to every person due to be admitted to the care centre that we are confident that we can meet their needs as assessed
  • Offer introductory visits to prospective residents and avoid unplanned admissions, except in cases of emergency.
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