St Anne’s, 60 Durham Road, Islington, Greater London N7 7DL.
  • Centre Manager: Gladys Danquah
  • Tel : 0207 272 4141, Fax : 0207 263 0952
  • Email:


All potential clients have their needs thoroughly assessed by our multidisciplinary team. We need to assure ourselves that St Anne’s is suitable for their care and note any specific care that is appropriate. Our staff often work with the client prior to admission, to ensure that all care needs are thoroughly understood to enable a seamless transfer. A typical pathway is:

referral by commissioner or self / family
visit to our care centre
assessment by our multidisciplinary team
funding discussion / assistance

Nothing we can say on this website can convey the understanding, warmth and care that our staff have for our clients. Our reputation is one we are very proud of and as rooms are in very short supply we often have to operate a waiting list. It is best if you meet with us at your earliest opportunity to register your interest. Please visit St Anne’s at any time, however as a busy centre it’s best to telephone and arrange a visit with our manager or a member of the team, who will show you around.

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