Convalescent Care Services

Convalescent care is for people who have received initial treatment and are now in the process of recovery. This includes patients who are still suffering from the lingering effects of an illness or an operation. It is most often short term, and depending on severity it may or may not involve nursing care.

What are convalescent care services?

Convalescent care is a category of services that all work together to help a patient recover from illness or surgery and give them time to rest while their progress is monitored. The focus is on the patient returning to normal life by regaining as much of their lost abilities as possible. This is done in a timely and safe manner by a team comprised of varying expertise, which helps ensure that no further complications arise.

Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, they may also require convalescent care services that are not available in a residential home. In these cases, generally related to post-operative care, the patient will require placement in a nursing home that can provide a greater level of care through access to staff and equipment.

Forest Healthcare operates centres across the UK that are ideal in either situation, whether for convalescent care after surgery or illness.

Contact us now and talk to the Forest Healthcare staff about convalescent care at one of our centres. We can talk you through the difference between convalescing in a nursing home and a residential home, or answer any other questions you have.

Forest Healthcare centres that can offer you Postoperative Care include:



Care Centre

Hertfordshire New Barnet Cedars Care Centre
Hertfordshire Elstree & Borehamwood Forest Care Village
Kent Gillingham Grace Manor Care Centre
Kent Maidstone The Poplars Care Centre
London Camden NW5 Ash Court Care Centre
London Islington N1 Bridgeside Lodge Care Centre
Norfolk Hingham Hassingham House Care Centre
Oxfordshire Stanford in the Vale, Faringdon The Grange Care Centre

Who needs convalescent care?

In general, anyone who needs a little extra time to recover from an illness or surgery will benefit from care in convalescent homes. This includes the elderly and other adults, and it may be used only for a few days or it could extend in to months.

In contrast to home-based care with followup assessments and treatment, receiving convalescent care in a residential or nursing home is much more thorough and effective due to the constant presence of knowledgeable staff as well as access to equipment.

Convalescent care is below that of a hospital, but with access to more tools and skills than most other levels of care. As such, it is often used as the next point of care after a patient leaves a hospital but is still not well enough to return to their normal life. Most patients will have received a referral from a doctor in this case.

What do convalescent care services involve?

The goal of convalescent care is simply to provide the fullest recovery possible for each patient. As a result, the specifics involved can only be determined by an assessment and further monitoring by doctors. Patients and their family will remain informed at each step of the way so that they’ll have a better idea of what will be happening on a daily basis and how long the process is expected to take.

Generally, convalescent care will include the features listed below.

  • Comprehensive plan of care and recovery
  • Monitoring and followup assessments
  • Medical services
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Psychological support
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