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Forest Healthcare provides specialist residential, nursing and dementia care for over 750 residents.

When to start thinking?​

It might be time to consider a care centre if your loved one is struggling to live alone even with the help of carers, friends and other relations.

Many people are forced to decide in a time of crisis, perhaps after a fall or illness. A needs assessment may indicate that a care home is the best place for your relative or friend to live.

If you think you or a relative might need care in the future, it’s a good idea to do some planning now, so that you’ll know what to do should the need arise.

Where to start

To decide which care centres to visit, it may be useful to speak to:

  • Friends and relatives for their recommendations
  • Your GP
  • Your local Social Services department, which should be able to provide a list of registered care centres in your area

You may also find it useful to look at the inspection reports for individual care centres which are produced by an independent body Care Quality Comission:

a Centre

In many ways, choosing a care home is like choosing any other place to live – within a few seconds you know whether it ‘feels right’.

If you’ll be paying the care centre’s fees, you can contact the centre directly yourself. Once you have found a centre you like, the centre will make an assessment of your needs, so they can be sure they can offer you the right kind of care.

If you will be asking the local authority to help with all or part of the fees, you should speak first to your GP and local Social Services department. They will carry out an assessment of your needs, and produce a report called a Care Plan that outlines the care, including any nursing care, they think you need.

Your next step

Nothing we can say on this website can convey the understanding, warmth and care that our staff have for our residents. Our reputation is one we are very proud of and as available rooms can be in short supply we often have to operate a waiting list. It is best if you meet with us at your earliest opportunity to register your interest. Please visit our centres at any time, however as our care centres are busy it’s best to telephone and arrange a visit with our manager, or administrator who will show you around.

Advice Line

We are delighted to provide you with helpful advice, either on a NO NAMES, or confidential basis, either for yourself or a friend or family member. We recognize considering a care centre is a confusing task, but we are here to assist both with the medical elements and the fees/funding issues.

We would be happy for you to call the telephone number of our care centre nearest to you or if you prefer call our helpline on 08444 725 252.

Admission Pathway

All potential residents have their needs thoroughly assessed by our team. We need to assure ourselves that the care home chosen is suitable for their care and note any specific care that is appropriate. Our staff often work with the resident prior to admission, to ensure that all care needs are thoroughly understood to enable a seamless transfer.

A typical pathway is:

  • referral by commissioner or self/family
  • visit to our care centre
  • assessment by our team
  • funding discussion and advice

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