Neurological Care Services

There are many conditions that negatively impact the brain and nervous system, and if severe enough they will require specialist neurological care services throughout the process, which covers everything from treatment to rehabilitation. As these conditions are becoming more common, it also becomes more important to understand how and where to receive effective treatment.

What is a neurological disability?

As a broad category, a neurological disability is a condition that negatively impacts a person’s brain or nervous system in varying degrees of severity depending on the specific cause.

A neurological disability may develop over time, only becoming noticeable as the symptoms gradually become more severe, or it may present itself immediately as the result of an injury. Other cases of neurological disability are recognisable at birth, such as spina bifida.

People who suffer from any such debilitating condition will require specialist care and the formulation of a long-term treatment plan. The aim of this plan is generally to provide the patient with the highest possible quality of life, which involves both physical and mental health, with the ultimate goal being that they return to their regular everyday life when possible.

In the case of a permanent neurological disability that will not improve, the focus remains on quality of life and providing as much relief from symptoms as possible.

Contact us today and speak to the team here at Forest Healthcare or arrange a visit and stop by one of our centres. Our staff can assist with any questions you have relating to the neurological care services provided in our centres.

Forest Healthcare centres that can offer you Specialist Neurological Care include:




Care Centre

Hertfordshire Elstree & Borehamwood Forest Care Village
London Camden NW5 Ash Court Care Centre
London Islington N1 Bridgeside Lodge Care Centre
Norfolk Hingham Hassingham House Care Centre

Who would benefit from our neurological care services?

The individual needs of each patient can be wildly different, so it’s important to choose a home with the appropriate neurological care services in place, including the staff and equipment.

We offer specialist neurological care services in various residential centres around the country, and our system is designed in such a way that we can accommodate patients with varying degrees of neurological disorders. This makes Forest Healthcare an ideal choice whether it is the next step after leaving the hospital, or when the patient has already received treatment and now requires rehabilitation.

Forest Healthcare provides a service that covers the most common causes of neurological disorders, such as brain, spine, or other injury, and also illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and so on.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will formulate a personalised plan that takes in to account all of the specifics of each individual. The patient’s progress will be tracked at every stage to make sure they are receiving the best possible care, ensuring the best possible outcome.

What do neurological care services involve?

The types of conditions that fall under this category are wide ranging, and so there are many services that must come together to form a complete package of care for patients with neurological disorders.

For example, a patient may be experiencing issues relating to mental health and the resulting behavioural changes, or physical movement, or speech, or a combination of all of these issues. Additionally, these issues will be present in varying degrees and at varying stages, all of which will be taken in to account to form a treatment and rehabilitation plan.

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